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Swiss cooperation / International Geneva

In recent years, we have produced analyses of the Swiss cooperation activities. We are currently focusing on the analysis of the role of International Geneva in the education sector.

What influence for International Geneva in the field of education? Insights from the field

Blog #11 « International Geneva » and Education: a role to clarify and a methodology to renew

International Geneva is seeking to position itself in the field of education at the international level. The historical anchoring of institutions such as the International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO) or the presence of multiple international organizations gives it a scope that it wishes to take advantage of. However, we will highlight that its role remains to be clarified and, as for other international entities acting in the field of cooperation, this place should be able to rethink its way of acting, which would give it more legitimacy. This blog post is based on research conducted in 2022 using data from actors representing International Geneva in the field, specifically in Dakar.

Profiles and practices of actors in the field of international cooperation in education. The case of development workers based in Switzerland [FR]

Challenge of ownership in international cooperation. Examples with Swiss cooperation

Blog #05 Ownership or turnkey models in international cooperation in education?

Several articles in this blog will be devoted to the notion of ownership, which is fundamental to acting in the field of international cooperation, and which is more in the education sector. In this article, we will focus on the definition of ownership and some observations.

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