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Right to education: Research skills to support advocacy

To maintain legitimacy, advocacy must have its foundations in research-based arguments. However, civil society organizations often feel they lack the ability to collect and analyze data to ultimately propose a solid argument for advocacy. This training addresses this need by providing all the necessary research skills with an approach specifically oriented toward the right to education

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  • Learn and appropriate the methodological tools to conduct research on the right to education
  • Learn how to use research to build a strong case for advocacy
  • Develop a network of expertise on the right to education


The exclusively distance learning program is organized into four thematic modules.

Module 1 | Identification of an issue in the context of the right to education (January 2024)

Module 2 | Construction of methodology and data collection (February 2024)

Module 3 | Data analysis (April 2024)

Module 4 | Research valorization (June 2024)

Terms and conditions of participation

120 hours of training entirely remotely

16 hours over four half-days in group/asynchronous sessions with guest speakers ; 104 hours in individual/asynchronous sessions with the support of tutors


Participants will be asked to develop a research and advocacy plan on a topic related to the right of education.

A micro-certification is sent to participants after the training is completed.

Very good training! The trainers are very knowledgeable and make the training enjoyable with their sharing of experiences and the many very practical anecdotes. Content completely adapted to my advocacy work!