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Year in Review 2023

The year 2023 was a busy and exciting one for the RECI Teacher Training for Quality Education (TTQE) working group, thanks to the commitment of its members.

We worked on four main areas:

  • TTQE Recommendations
  • SDG 4.7
  • Education Forum
  • inspirED

An overview of our activities is given below. We are also proposing a questionnaire to plan activities for 2024 and get your feedback on 2023. 

Many thanks to all our members for their contributions. We look forward to continuing the adventure in 2024!

Thibaut Lauwerier, TTQE WG convener

TTQE Recommendations


The RECI TTQE Working Group developed high-quality recommendations for professional education and further training of teachers during and after the RECI Thematic Day in 2019. The TTQE Recommendations relate to the professional education and further training of teachers in the context of international cooperation. They primarily deal with the field of basic education – i.e. Early Childhood Development (ECD), primary and secondary education – in the formal and non-formal sectors. They mainly refer to the education of teachers and trainers (in less formal settings) and caregivers in the pedagogical work. 

With its recommendations, RECI aims to provide a useful tool for programmes in the field of professional education and further training of teachers. This tool is aimed at providers of specific programmes and focuses on the conceptual framework and methodological aspects. The recommendations are intended as an orientation for planning and implementing educational offers; it is important to note that they are assumed to be adapted to each context.


In 2021, the TTQE working group submitted a questionnaire to RECI members. The aim was to see to what extent we could illustrate these recommendations based on RECI members’ activities. The analysis of the responses was initiated in 2022. 

The report, published in November 2023, echoes these experiences for each recommendation.


By the end of the year, we will expose the recommendations and the report, but also resources from members (videos, figures…) on the TTQE webpage.

This page will be updated regularly, as resources relating to the recommendations will be available on the Padlet below, which will be integrated into the page and to which members will have permanent access. 

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SDG 4.7


In 2022, the TTQE Working Group organised the RECI Thematic Day (now known as the RECI Education Forum). As part of the follow-up, the working group highlights RECI members’ experiences in teacher training in relation to SDG 4.7 (education for sustainable development, human rights, promoting a culture of peace, global citizenship, etc.).

Sharing experiences

The TTQE working group invited RECI members to take part in a valuable opportunity to share their organisation’s experiences concerning SDG 4.7. By contributing to this activity, they have the opportunity to present their work and inspire practices not only within RECI but also beyond.

Eight organisations completed a template with different information on their activities around SDG 4.7. The working group members revised the sheets (two of them were not accepted because they were unrelated to the topic). 

The sheets will be published on the RECI website. There will also be links to various resources (videos, reports, etc.).


The TTQE Working Group also decided to take the workshop results and develop a manifesto focusing on SDG 4.7, which was at the heart of the Thematic Day. The results from the workshop were coded and served as a basis for this Manifesto.

RECI Education Forum 2023


The RECI Education Forum (new Thematic Day) was organised on November 21 2023, on the topic “Mind the gap”. It was a unique opportunity to foster change and innovation in education. The event brought together practitioners, researchers, policymakers and thinkers to highlight well- and lesser-known gaps that pose a challenge in the realisation of SDG 4 to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030.  This year’s forum adopted an unconventional approach, utilising the Open Space Methodology, allowing all participants to put forward those themes that are most relevant to them.

Organising Committee

Some working group members, including eduCoop, Paeradigms and SA4D, played an active role in organising this event, particularly the panel discussion with the experts.


Our working group exhibited at the RECI Education Forum. We decided to present the Manifesto on SDG 4.7. Participants had the opportunity to read this manifesto and help us strengthen it through a short questionnaire. 


The aim of inspirED is to bring together different viewpoints to inspire teacher training worldwide. This biannual meeting is co-organized as part of the Master in Advanced Studies (MAS) in International Education and Research at the University of Geneva, and in partnership with the Association of students in primary education (ADEFEP).

inspirED #01

The first inspirED, organised on June 15 2023, was on global citizenship education in teacher training. Enfants du Monde and Terre des Hommes, members of our working group, shared their experience on the topic. 

inspirED #02

The second inspirED, organised on December 7 2023,  was on digital with a focus on inclusion. Among the RECI members, we had the pleasure of listening to Oula Abu-Amsha, who specifically talked about education in emergencies. 


In this questionnaire, you will find activity proposals for 2024. Do you think they are relevant? It is also an opportunity to make other proposals. You will find a short evaluation of the working group’s functioning at the end of the questionnaire.

Deadline: December 15