International cooperation
for and through EDUCATION

Education & Living Together
via Music


The world faces many obstacles to achieving harmonious and sustainable coexistence between living beings. Environmental degradation, conflicts, socio-economic disparities, and individual and collective freedom restrictions are the main obstacles. All of these challenges undermine the ability of our societies to live together in harmony.

Overcoming these obstacles requires collective action, innovative solutions, and a commitment to building a radically more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful world.

At the same time, we know that there is a powerful medium for living together: MUSIC.
Yet art, particularly music, needs to be considered in education systems because its full potential is not sufficiently and adequately mobilized by those involved in education.
Even though numerous studies have demonstrated that music is a vector for change and living together, this medium is all the more interesting to exploit in education as it is synonymous with interdisciplinarity, conviviality, and inclusiveness.

  • The general aim of the EVEM project is to contribute, from the earliest age, to the construction of societies that live together through education by mobilizing music in various dimensions.
  • The specific objectives of the project are to:
    • Develop and provide educators, families and students with educational methodologies and tools;
    • Bring about concrete changes in young people’s attitudes through activities that promote living together.
  • This project contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by most of the world’s countries in 2015, and in particular SDG 4.7, which aims to equip students to take action in favor of sustainable lifestyles, peace, or gender equality, among other things.

Resources permitting, the project will be implemented in 3 locations in Côte d’Ivoire, France, and Switzerland. To test the activities, we will specifically target two elementary schools per zone. The choice of locations is linked to the presence of our NGO partners but also to long-term experience, which will facilitate the implementation of the project. Many challenges to living together are specific to these localities, requiring contextualized activities.

Total project duration: 18 months.


Step #1 Analysis of issues and needs

  • Mobilizing stakeholders
  • Start of participative action research


Stage #2 Designing teaching tools

  • Musical tales
  • Teaching sequences in different subjects
  • Guide for educators


Stage #3: Implementing the activities

  • Regular workshops
  • Restitution in the form of shows


Stage #4 Assessment for autonomous generalization

  • Successes and adjustments
  • Capacity-building for sustainable ownership


Monitoring and evaluation of the project throughout the process (through participatory action research)

With music at its heart, this project has great potential to bring about change, with the ultimate aim of achieving sustainable living together. These changes will impact the way stakeholders in a socially-oriented project are approached, the way the school works, and the surrounding community, which will benefit from the advantages of living together.

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