Swiss cooperation: what is the role for education?

Périod: 2019-2023


Profiles and practices of actors in international cooperation in education. The case of development workers based in Switzerland

There is extensive literature on the role of international cooperation in education (ICE). However, too little research goes beyond the analysis of institutional documents produced by cooperating organizations. With this study, we have addressed this gap by meeting with the institutions of ICE. We have chosen to focus on those based in main headquarters.

Geneva: an intersectoral platform for international cooperation in education

This research, conducted jointly by the University of Geneva and NORRAG and funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SEFRI), aims to understand the extent to which “International Geneva” plays a key role in international cooperation in education.

In this research, we analyze how the institutions representing “International Geneva” in the field, particularly in the Global South, perceive this entity in the field of education and to what extent “International Geneva” can contribute added value. This study was conducted through semi-structured interviews with senior officials of institutions representing “International Geneva” in Dakar, where there is a density of international organizations serving the West Africa region.